Under One Sun with a full choir!

Here’s a tiny snippet of me rehearsing “Under One Sun” with the New Era Baha’i Choir… I was a guest artist for a show that they put on in honour of their late founder and conductor (and a good friend of mine), Greg Parker, and we performed this song together at that concert. I get goosebumps whenever we sing it through, because of all the vibrations of so many voices singing in four-part harmony coming at me from behind… it’s pure awesomeness.

Hidden Treasures 2015

Recently I performed at the fantastic Hidden Treasures festival… the west end of Fremantle is brought to life every Thursday night in July with an array of bands, artists, and DJs taking over four (normally quieter) venues. It’s such a lovely festival and is cherished by the Freo locals, who flock out despite the cold, wet weather to be warmed up by the music! Thanks Rachael Barrett for these photos, love ’em!

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“Chill In The Fire” lyric video

Hi everyone! I made a little lyric video for the song “Chill in The Fire” from my new album, The Second City. The song features the beautiful Persian chanting of Shidan Toloui-Wallace, and this lyric video is set to the photography of Katey Manuchehri. Enjoy!

The Voice Magazine – Music review: The Second City

Very humbled by this glowing review from Canadian blog, The Voice Magazine!

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It’s not often that I am instantly a fan of a musician. I typically need a few songs to decide whether or not I like them, and if I decide that I do it is usually because they do something different, use elements that I like, or are inspired by something more than pop culture.

With the first note that Shameem sang, I was instantly a fan. Not only is her voice soft and sultry, but her lyrics are full of truths, experiences, and wisdom. She even shares her inspiration for her songs on her website, which I absolutely loved.
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Live performance on Pirate 88 Radio

Last week I did an interview and live performance on Pirate 88 Radio, to plug our upcoming show at the Hidden Treasures winter concert series in Fremantle. It was a super fun interview, talking a bit about where I’m at with my music now, having just released an album and toured nationally and done shows in Canada… and there’s live solo performances of “Beautiful Soul” and “Give Me A Reason” in amongst the chatting. Video highlights are above and the full audio is below. (click on the title of this post if you can’t see the video window above)

“Strawberry”, live at Canadian Music Week 2015

Live footage from our performance at Canadian Music Week 2015; thank you so much Tony for the footage! This is us performing “Strawberry”; after the second chorus it’s a bit hard to see the band because everyone got up and danced in front of the camera, but I think that adds to the charm of this video. One thing I’ve learnt about Canadians is that they like to holler and egg you on during a scat solo, hehe…

Michael Bolton support show at Perth Concert Hall

We had an AMAZING time supporting Michael Bolton at Perth Concert Hall last week! We had a fantastic response from the very warm and receptive audience, we got treated to very nice hospitality backstage in our dressing room, and we got to meet Michael’s amazing band members, who were all fabulous and lovely people to boot. Some photo highlights for you…

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Canada trip

I made the big trip over to the opposite side of the world aka the land of the maple leaf aka Canadia, to perform at Canadian Music Week music festival, and attend and do some networking at the Canadian Music Week music industry conference. While I was in Toronto I also did another little show and a house concert, did a couple of shoots for TV/ online media appearances, and even managed to sneak in some time to get to Niagara Falls for a day, before heading home via Hong Kong where I had a layover long enough to do some exploring and hang out with my Aunty for a bit.

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TV appearance: Destination WA features The Ellington Jazz Club

I was on TV! Channel 9 show Destination WA did a story on The Ellington Jazz Club, and I got to do a little interview with them, seeing as they were shooting my gig at The Ellington. It’s a really nice piece on a great live music venue!

Under One Sun links

Just want to give a shout to blogs Back to Black, Baha’i Media and Read The Spirit for linking their readers to the Under One Sun video clip – thanks for the support!

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