Blog Entry 23/03/2010

Wow… so I’m finally getting a handle on mixing the sound of and editing the CD Launch footage. Don’t you love DIY? A day in the life of an aspiring self-managed musician. Check out the “Videos” tab to relive the CD Launch! In the coming weeks/ months I may put more tracks from the gig up here… and hopefully by then there’ll be more exciting things to report, especially given a little stint of gigs coming up in May and June. Hope you enjoy my homemade videos… plenty of butter!!

Once Upon A Time – lyrics & inspiration

This song was written in a kind of subconscious stream… I’m not quite sure why I wrote it but whenever I perform it, it moves me very deeply. I guess it’s about confusion in identifying what is true love and what is passing fancy… we all have to tread this path.

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I Look Up – lyrics & inspiration

I wrote this song whilst I was living for nine months in Alice Springs, which is a small town in the heart of Australia. I dedicated these nine months to establishing a program for kids aged 11-15 called the Junior-Youth Empowerment program – it seeks to empower young people to discover their talents and use them to serve humanity, to make moral decisions, express themselves in a constructive way and to become agents of change in the world. With my main focus being on service to humanity, these nine months were one long spiritual high for me. This song was born out of this high – I guess it’s an anthem of hope for the world. Some of the lyrics come from my convictions as a member of the Baha’i Faith that all of humankind is one family, that we were created to love one another and that world peace is not only possible but inevitable.

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Accidental – lyrics & inspiration

I wrote this song about a year ago. I was in a philosophical mood, pondering on the wonders of the universe. This world and the human mind are both so amazing that I think that it could be no accident that we are here; that we must all be here for a purpose. To me, science and spirituality are two complementary paths to approaching truth and knowledge.

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Undertones – lyrics & inspiration

This is an old song that I wrote back in my high school days… it’s about the games of romantic hints that people play.

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I Look Up (Live)

Message In The Bottle (Cover)

Blog Entry 18/01/2010

Hiya! Finally, I’ve gotten some of the website features working… yipee! I’ve never been much of a tech-head, which means I’m learning all of this from scratch, so I’m feeling very proud of myself right now :)

Just finished a big stint of gigs over the festive season and coming back down to earth now, trying to get myself organised for this year. Eek! As I’ve now finished uni, I’m hunting for a day job (music teaching, etc), and I’m looking up grants so that I can perhaps go on tour at the end of the year. Also doing some research to see how I can get a gig playing at a major music festival… that would be great exposure! All this isn’t easy though, and procrastination is currently my worst enemy… *sigh*

Meanwhile, I’m STILL sifting through footage from the CD Launch for something to put online… will keep you posted!

Blog Entry 16/12/2009

Okay, so it’s been nearly a month since the CD Launch, and between millions of gigs (it’s that time of year) and a week-long stint in a Baha’i community service project, I haven’t managed to do anything with this space… sorry! :( I’m currently trying to figure out how to convert a QuickTime movie into flash format so that I can post it here. I’m also sorting through the footage from the CD Launch to choose some to post both here and on youtube… I’ve finally managed to get my music on CD Baby for online download (see the sidebar), so that’s one positive!! :)

“Froooom little things big things grooow…”