Song Summit and other antics…

BLOG ENTRY 28/06/10

Last weekend saw me flying the red-eye over to Sydney for Song Summit – a conference for songwriters organised by APRA (the Australiasian Performing Rights Association, of which I’m a proud member). If you know you’re only going to get 4-hours sleep on the plane as you’re total dose of shut-eye for the night, I highly recommend the measures that I took: clothe yourself like an eskimo, don a sleep mask and secure one of those awesome neck pillows… and then, when walking around groggily in your destination airport, head straight for Boost Juice.

After the red-eye, on the bus from airport to hotel room.

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New website by Florence Road!

 BLOG ENTRY 17/06/10

Now that I’m done boasting about how much fun I’ve had over the last couple of months of multiple gigs, let me tell you what else has been keeping me busy! I’ve been spending some time working on expanding my online presence – as you can see, my website has a brand new design and some great new features, all thanks to Florence Road. I’ve also revamped some of my networking sites, e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BandCamp, Last FM, etc – check them out on the sidebar. To get the latest on my music, friend me online!

Will be back soon with more about my musical antics…

Vocal Evolution and Tribute to Lena Horne

 BLOG ENTRY 15/06/10

So I’m on the tail-end of my run of gigs which started in mid-April… Two gigs with a bit of a difference flavoured up this long string of engagements.
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Late Night Groove at Ellington Jazz Club

 BLOG ENTRY 30/06/10

I’ve had a great string of interesting gigs since mid April, including a jazz gig to celebrate my birthday at the glorious Ellington Jazz Club – sold out show!! Since this fine jazz venue opened at the beginning of 2009, I’ve played there probably once every two months on average and had some great times performing a variety of music, including my original music, with some of Perth’s top musicians. I think the Ellington has brought something really valuable not only to the entertainment scene in Perth, but to the Australian jazz scene as a whole.
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L’Attitude 28 in Geraldton

 BLOG ENTRY 25/05/10

Had another pleasant trip with an “away gig” in Geraldton – a gorgeous seaside town 5 hours drive north of Perth. Played at a gorgeous venue overlooking the beach by the name of L’Attitude 28 (the name I believe is a reference to the latitude of the town). This was more of a jazz standard gig, though I did throw some original grooves in there, and the people of Geraldton showed us a warm welcome. Must thank Justin at the bar for that glorious mocktail… made a cold winters’ night into a balmy summers’ day, yum! Note to self: stay in Geraldton for a little longer next time…

Generations in Jazz

BLOG ENTRY 18/05/10

I’ve been away! Spent a weekend in Mt  Gambier participating in the finals for the James Morrison Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship. It was awesome to be back in Mt Gambier (having participated in last years’ finals too) and so amazing to meet the other finalists – all these talented young musicians not unlike myself, but so diverse at the same time. Sorry fans, no win, but I’m very happy to say that the competition was stiff and that the winner (one Kate Kelsey-Sugg) was very deserving. A highlight was being able to rub shoulders and play with such fantastic Australian musicians as Phil Stack (of Thirsty Merc), James Muller, Emma Pask, Graeme Lyall, The Idea of North and of course, the man himself, James Morrison. This guy is so generous – after a full weekend of adjudicating not only the finalists for the vocal AND instrumental scholarships, as well as adjudicating division one of the National Stage Band Competition; at our celebration dinner on the last night, instead of sitting back and enjoying the good food and wine, he takes all 12 finalists into an adjoining room, one by one, and gives us all individual feedback plus a chat about music and life in general. What a champ… it’s good to know that the big people still care about the little people.

Checking out Mt Gambier's famous Blue Lake.

Soulaverse at the Funk Club

BLOG ENTRY 08/05/10

What a packed and electric gig was the 3rd Soulaverse night at the Funk Club! I shared the stage with my mates The Accumulated Gestures who were launching their first single – these guys are like smooth D’Angelo meets the dirtiness of old school funk and soul, and they host a great party! And what is Soulaverse, you ask? Soulaverse is a collective of diverse groove-based artists in Perth, of which both The Accumulated Gestures and I are very proud to be members… in fact, the collective was largely initiated by Donovan, the lead singer of The AG’s. Among us there are bands, beat makers and emcees churning out a range of eclectic vibes ranging from neo-soul to hip hop to electro-funk. At the moment Soulaverse has a monthly residency at the Funk Club – do check these nights out, I guarantee there’ll be a different flavour every month!

Blog Entry 23/03/2010

Wow… so I’m finally getting a handle on mixing the sound of and editing the CD Launch footage. Don’t you love DIY? A day in the life of an aspiring self-managed musician. Check out the “Videos” tab to relive the CD Launch! In the coming weeks/ months I may put more tracks from the gig up here… and hopefully by then there’ll be more exciting things to report, especially given a little stint of gigs coming up in May and June. Hope you enjoy my homemade videos… plenty of butter!!

Once Upon A Time – lyrics & inspiration

This song was written in a kind of subconscious stream… I’m not quite sure why I wrote it but whenever I perform it, it moves me very deeply. I guess it’s about confusion in identifying what is true love and what is passing fancy… we all have to tread this path.

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I Look Up – lyrics & inspiration

I wrote this song whilst I was living for nine months in Alice Springs, which is a small town in the heart of Australia. I dedicated these nine months to establishing a program for kids aged 11-15 called the Junior-Youth Empowerment program – it seeks to empower young people to discover their talents and use them to serve humanity, to make moral decisions, express themselves in a constructive way and to become agents of change in the world. With my main focus being on service to humanity, these nine months were one long spiritual high for me. This song was born out of this high – I guess it’s an anthem of hope for the world. Some of the lyrics come from my convictions as a member of the Baha’i Faith that all of humankind is one family, that we were created to love one another and that world peace is not only possible but inevitable.

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