Just a Show – lyrics

Columns and posters of glamour
Bright neon lights from the fast food chain
Glittering eyelids, luxurious lashes
Here we go again
High heels precariously perching
Ripped off with relief when the night is done
The feathers, the finery, fantastic fiasco
The battle’s lost and won

It’s just a show
Give them what they came for
Make them all smile and send them all home
Where they’ll sit in the TV glow
Right now they will never know
It’s just a show

Columns and pillars of grandeur
Two gladiators have locked their blades
Glittering armour, malevolent lashes
Play your ace of spades
The emperor nods his approval
Spectators applaud when the fight is done
One man lies cold in a river of blood now
The battle’s lost and won


We’ll make you laugh and cry; we’ll make you grimace and smile
We’ll entertain you, yeah, we’ll go the extra mile