It’s All Illusion – lyrics

It’s All Illusion

We are taught from young that you must have fun
If you’re feeling down, feeling blue
Then there must be something that’s wrong with you
So we play charades, join in the parade
Wear our happy makeup and then
We will be kept safe in the masquerade

It’s the face to meet the faces that I’ll meet
It’s the voice to speak the words I’ll never say
And the eyes to seek the things I’ll never try
But they lie

It’s all illusion
Quiet confusion
Optic intrusion
It’s all illusion

We could best get by on a natural high
Meditate, eat greens, volunteer, exercise
No, we won’t need an alibi
But we can’t keep pace in the cut-throat race
Trying to get ahead we fall back
And to cope we choose to self-medicate


And if only we didn’t have to pretend
We might find that we’d sooner be on the mend

[Chorus x2]

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