Supporting George Benson!

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I think if someone asked me, “What’s the best gig of your life so far?” I would have to say that this one takes the cake! What an honour to be the support act for someone who is not just an international music sensation, but a great musician with great longevity and someone whose work I personally admire and whose music I would count among my influences.

We got to hear George Benson and his amazing band sound check, rehearse and perform… and we also got to shake hands with and meet the guy. He’s really down to earth and friendly… and a little crazy too! When we got off stage after our set, he came out of his dressing room, still in his trackies, and said to Astrid (my backing vocalist) and I, “I want to take a picture of you. Stand over here.” And he began taking pictures of us on his phone! I asked him, “Shouldn’t we be the ones taking pictures of you?”, to which he replied, “Sure, you can do that, but we’ll do that later after I get dressed properly!”

And it wasn’t just the occasion, it was also the gig itself. The audience at the Perth Convention Centre was 2500 strong, and really warm and engaged! It was an incredible thrill to perform for that crowd… Here’s a collection of highlights from our set… it’s a bit bootleg, so turn your volume up:

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  1. Zarin
    Zarin says:

    Awesome Shameem! Sounds like you had a blast and rocked their socks off! Can’t wait to see you as the frontline act at the convention centre! 🙂


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