Star-spangled maple leaves

So, in case you haven’t seen my ranting all over Facebook and twitter, I’m off to Canada and the USA this March – yay!!

USA Canada tour map

What will I be doing? Here’s my itinerary:

  • 12-17 March: attend SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas
  • 19-24 March: attend and perform at Canadian Music Week, Toronto
  • 24-27 March: house concerts and side-shows in Canada
  • 28-31 March: house concerts and side-shows in the USA

So, if you have friends in Toronto, New York or Washington DC, please share the love and let them know about my gigs. Check out this poster for all my show dates (not including house concerts)…

USA Canada tour 2013 poster

Needless to say, I’m stoked and very excited, and stressing a bit as I busily prepare and pack up all my things… This is the first international showcase festival that I will be performing at (I was invited to showcase at NXNE Festival last year in Toronto, but I had to turn down the offer). A showcase festival is not only attended by the music-loving public, but also by music industry such as record labels, managers, publishing companies, etc. Naturally, I’m going with the aim to be seen, meet and make a good impression with some of these industry people, which will hopefully lead to more opportunities for my music in the future… but it will be a tough gig: there will be 6 nights of performances, with 1000 showcasing bands at more than 60 live music venues in downtown Toronto. LOTS of competition. But also lots of great music to see!!

Right now in Perth we’re still in the high of summer, with heat-waves and scorching hot nights as well as days. This morning I checked out my weather app to see what I’d be facing in Toronto, and saw this… this is really going to shock my body! Wish me luck…

Weather Perth vs Toronto

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